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Development of COPD prognostic routine for optimal therapy prediction on the basis of lipid microbial biomarkers and AI-based modeling of immune response.

The COPreDict project aims at providing COPD patients and their doctors with a full-cycle support product, which includes a mobile application for patients that allows tracking their COPD progression status, and a clinical decision support system (CDSS) for doctors that allows personalized selection of prospective treatments for each patient case during exacerbation.

The mobile application will allow COPD patients to control their COPD status. In case of reaching critical health parameters, the App will immediately warn the patient about the necessity of visiting the doctor. In case of hospitalization and further exacerbation, the lipid-based microbial profile in the patient’s sputum and selected blood biomarkers will help to choose the best-fitting therapy. The selected gene and protein biomarkers in the patient’s blood will be indicative of his/her immune status. Each combination of the microbial profiles and blood biomarkers will have its own corresponding treatment schema recommended for the respective patient cohort. The patient stratification guidelines and the associated treatment schemas will be a part of a specific AI-based Clinical Decision Support System developed within the COPreDict project.

For further information see here: https://genexplain.com/copredict/


The project is funded by 29th IraSME Call for Transnational Collaborative R&D Project Proposals

(German funding provided by ZIM, ZIM grant number KK5297004LU2)