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ITTM is a young and dynamic company that provides services for data management of pre-clinical and clinical data and has increasingly moved into digital healthcare projects and services. We offer solutions for improved data usage and quality, data models (e.g., OMOP CDM), system integration and process optimization (incl. hosting of knowledge platforms like tranSMART, Atlas, Arachne, or similar). ITTM is actively working with pharma and biotech companies as well as prestigious medical associations and numerous grant consortia (for details see Projects). ITTM offers interwoven services in the following areas:
(I) Central and Federated Data management, data curation, mapping, ETL design and implementation for improved data usability, system integration & process optimisation, development and implementation of data analysis pipelines
(II) Secure knowledge platform setup with a focus on Digital Health and mHealth (focus on interoperability and health data as a service) to facilitate better digital healthcare services, providing systems for Real-World Data and patient engagement (PROMs and PREMs)
(III) Secure data hosting and archiving in Luxembourg

Our experienced team can support the development and implementation of your data management strategies. This includes space requirement analyses, development of action plany process definition as well as project management. Standardization and harmonisation of data are very important for ITTM, and the company is very active in international standardization efforts (e.g. ISO). ITTM is using SCRUM and DevOps methodology and has experience in providing training on the above-mentioned topics.

ITTM strongly believes in collaborative work with companies and organisations sharing  the same values and passion to deliver complex knowledge management solutions . We are open for discussions on business partnership and grant proposals leading to a mutual benefit.


Data Management

with a focus on Data Curation which combines multiple processing steps including data cataloguing, quality control, data cleansing, data model definition, design and implementation of ETLs, as well as data storage.

Digital and mHealth

Secure data hosting, archiving and knowledge platform setup with a focus on Digital Health and mHealth (focus on interoperability) is in the center of ITTM’s Digital Health Service activities.

Cyber Security

Health-related data is very sensitive data and needs special attention.
To ensure this, ITTM is utilizing EBRC experience and expertise in Cyber-Resilience and Cyber-Security.


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