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Digital and mHealth

One of the most fundamental shift in healthcare is the rising importance of consumer-centered health, fitness and well-being services with a strong focus on the use of mobile technical devices and applications (apps) to monitor one’s own state of health.

ITTM is specifically entering the Digital Health market, due to its focus on (data) quality, contextualization and standardisation in combination with proven and secure IT infrastructure in Luxembourg – which represents an indispensable prerequisite basis for successful and secure implementation. ITTM has strong strategic activities in Digital Health and mHealth and the company is part of prestigious ongoing projects and has recently developed a MVP and is actively exploring use and business cases.




  • ITTM provides services to improve data flows and data quality to make data actionable. Its capabilities in secure cloud hosting (using data centres of EBRC) and focus on process optimization and standards make ITTM the best candidate for the project and a very good candidate to become a significant actor in the Digital Health and mHealth sector.
  • ITTM’s MVP is being used in research projects with the University of Luxembourg and in IMI projects and other use cases are envisaged.

REGISTRIES & Clinicians

  • ITTM offers electronic data collection (including heterogeneous and un-structured health-realated data)
  • ITTM’s MVP is a cloud-based platform to facilitate GDPR conform interoperability and link of relevant data with patient-related information. The platform provides a secure data storage and communication channel and thus improves standardized data acquisition and generation, process monitoring and data interpretation.
  • The secure and scalable health data as a service platform enables the sharing of all patient-related results between healthcare professionals (HCP).


  • ITTM is partner in Smart4Health which will close the gap regarding citizens’ active role in digital health and will provide citizens with an interoperable infrastructure to manage own health information including wellbeing and fitness.
  • ITTM is partner in ICU4COVID project. The vision and key objective of ICU4Covid is to deliver intensive care medicine fit for the fight against COVID-19 to the EU citizen and the health workforce rapidly and at scale by clinically validating and deploying the Cyber-Physicalsystem for Tele- and Intensive Care Medicine (CPS4TIC).


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