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Tackling Cancer through Real World Data and Artificial Intelligence


OPTIMA aims to harness the power of artificial intelligence, to advance treatments and facilitate decision-making for physicians and patients with prostate, breast and lung cancer.

At the heart of OPTIMA will be Europe’s first interoperable, large scale oncology data and evidence generation platform with data from over 200 million people. The GDPR complain project platform will be used to drive the generation of new knowledge by developing advanced analytics and AI models to identify, prioritise and fill the main knowledge gaps in prostate, breast and lung cancer, and propose improved clinical guideline recommendations. Finally, the project will develop AI-based decision support tools that can help clinicians, together with their patients, to make treatment decisions based on the leading clinical practice guidelines.

For patients, the increasing complexity of diagnostics and treatments available are difficult to comprehend. This poses a significant barrier to patients receiving optimal individualised treatment and care within a shared decision-making framework with their clinician. OPTIMA’s vision is that every patient should have access to the most up-to-date individualised treatments and innovative therapies. By strengthening shared decision-making through dynamic computer-interpretable guidelines (CIGs), innovative access to broad data sets and AI-driven technology and tools, OPTIMA envisions revolutionising oncology care in Europe.

OPTIMA is funded through the IMI2 Joint Undertaking and is listed under grant agreement No. 101034347 with EU Horizon 2020 and EFPIA support.

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15. November 2021