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Project Ehden
  • ITTM was certified in 2019 as one of the very first SMEs by the IMI EHDEN and since the is part of the EHDEN SME marketplace: https://www.ehden.eu/business-directory/
  • ITTM offers services around
    • OHDSI Software and Tools: Installation of the analytical infrastructure, for example the ATLAS tool, and the R packages to perform analyses.
    • OMOP CDM ETL: Creating an Extraction Transform and Loading (ETL) pipeline to transform data from source to the OMOP CDM. This includes defining ETL specificfiations, local vocabulary mappings, coding and testing, etc.
    • OMOP Standardized Vocabularies: Mapping local terminology systems to the Standardised Vocabularies.
    • Technical infrastructure services: Commissioning of servers and databases, for example Postgresql, SQL Server, etc.
    • OHDSI software stack implementation and hosting of OMOP databases in secure Luxembourg datacenter (EBRC)
  • ITTM works together with various data sources from IMI EHDEN and IMI PIONEER on all these aspects. Details can be provided on request.

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15. October 2019