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Design and deliver a specialised programme (International Master’s Programme) for digital specialists in digital health.

The DS4Health project aims at providing a Master’s program offered by an international alliance of universities to increase the digital competency in those already working in and/or interested in transitioning to the field of digital transformation in healthcare. DS4Health will  address the key applications Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Data, Robotics, and Internet Of Things. DS4Health will improve higher education for healthcare professionals in digital skills and deepen insights in design, use, and developmnent of digital technologies to form a modern, ethically responsible, efficient and citizen-centred healthcare.

We will develop a sustainable international master’s program curriculum, gain accreditation, and launch master’s program at 6 universities. We aim to approach students with background from clinical, medical, and life sciences (e.g. clinicians and other healthcare professionals, scientific researchers, etc.).

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The project is funded under DIGITAL-2021-SKILLS-01-SPECIALISED Topic. Project Number is 101083563