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The European Digital Medicine Conference Luxembourg 2022 will be held 26-27 October 2022 on the Belval Campus, MSA 3.500.

With the scientific theme, Evidence-based medicine in digital therapeutics, this is a key event to exchange and collaborate with European and international experts highlighting the invaluable contribution of digital health tools for improved personalised patient care and new policy landscapes. The conference will address the recent research breakthroughs in the interdisciplinary fields of Digital Medicine, bringing together leaders in academia, industry, medicine, patient organisations and influential policymakers.

As part of the EIT Health Pan-European Harmonisation of Digital Health Applications (DiHA) Action Plan conference series, 4 sessions will feature the following topics:

1. Translation into European Markets
2. Digital Medicine Innovation
3. New Digital HealthCare services-Market access
4. Data-driven Healthcare

For more information and registration see here: https://digitalmedicineconference.uni.lu/