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The Chamber of Commerce published an article on the SME OPEN DAY 2022: FULL OF VALUE-ADDED SERVICES FOR SMES!
With its main goal to promote the different measures and instruments of the European enterprise policy and focused on the new European support schemes in their favor, the 4th edition of the entrepreneurial meeting was able to keep all its commitments. Speeches of high-level political personalities represented by the European and Luxembourg authorities addressed the concerns and needs of SMEs. Indeed, in spite of the wind of hope that blew the various interventions, the staggering report of the repercussions of the multiple crises on the entrepreneurs was drawn up repeatedly.

Innovation itself is at the heart of the European Union’s business support policy, as Anne Calteux, the European Commission’s representative in Luxembourg, rightly pointed out. This is the reason why the year 2023 will be placed under the aegis of skills, as announced by the President of the European Commission, Ursula Von Der Leyen, during her State of the Union address last September. It is now more than ever necessary to focus on professional development and retraining in order to be able to take advantage of the opportunities arising from the double transition and to face the challenges with resilience.

Minister for the Middle Classes and Tourism of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Lex Delles, gave an overview of the different organizations present in Luxembourg to promote the growth of SMEs, which he describes as the backbone of the European economy. He explained that if the House of Entrepreneurship was the one-stop shop for any budding entrepreneur, the Enterprise Europe Network was the partner of choice to integrate the European dimension in business management and support SMEs to accelerate their activities within the Internal Market, to access foreign markets, and to innovate.

ITTM (Information Techology for Translational Medicine) was one of the national companies nominated for the EEN SME Award 2022 and won in the category Financement.
Other nominees were OpenField, Boma, Drees&Sommer, Agence Moneygrow Metroplus, Schroeder & Associates, ITTM, inCITES, LuxMobility, Chocolaterie Genaveh, Tralux Construction.

The full article can be found here: https://www.cc.lu/toute-linformation/actualites/detail/sme-open-day-2022-sme-open-day-2022-le-plein-de-services-a-valeur-ajoutee-pour-les-pme

Picture: Entreprises nationales nommées pour l’EEN SME Award 2022. Crédit : Focalize