Digital and mHealth

ITTM’s strategic activities in Digital Health and mobile Health (mHealth) are visible already through two projects: the EIT project “move-IT”, were ITTM was involved in the implementation of a telemedicine platform linking data from sensors with self-reported and clinical data into one comprehensive view. The project is closely connected to the H2020 project Smart4Health (started 2019). Smart4Health is designed to enable a citizen-centered EU EHR exchange and will allow citizens to manage their own health data. The role of ITTM in this project is to support the interoperability of systems and to support the connection between users and the “Gesundheitcloud”.

Uniquely, all services and data will be hosted in a state-of-the-art data center in Luxembourg ensuring highest security standards (including GDPR compliance).

  • Secure data hosting and platform setup
  • exchanging data efficiently and securely between solutions and apps
  • integrating data into workflows, and
  • processing and analysing data.


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