ban data curation

Data Curation

Cleansing of pre-clinical and clinical data, QC, validation, harmonization, and standardization.
Semantic web- and ontology-based data curation for data interoperability, re-usage, and analysis.

For Researchers

  • Heterogeneous and inconsistent laboratory, clinical and multi-omics data (e.g. genotyping calls, gene and protein expression data, etc.)
  • ITTM offers data curation and raw data mapping to main standard terminology used by the industry and biomedical research community, such as: CDISC

For Clinicians

  • Heterogeneous and un-structured clinical data
  • ITTM offers electronic data collection and mapping to main standard terminologies
  • ITTM provides data curation for patient- level or study-level clinical data, results and findings, as well as study descriptors in the form of metadata

For Study Sponsor, CIO/CTOs

  • ITTM offers standardised and industrialised data curation
  • ITTM provides improved data value
    and lifespan
    — Improved data quality
    — Reduced data complexity
    — Prolonged data availability
    — Increased data interoperability
    — Ease of data analysis

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