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Analysis & Hosting

Customized data analysis workflows (like smartR).Customized data analysis workflows (like smartR).
Secure data hosting and platform setup, secure archiving.
Opal ClinicalNEW: sequence data into high-quality clinically meaningful insights.

For Researchers

  • Functional analysis from single and multi-omics datasets
  • ITTM offers customised development of data analysis workflows and visualisation tools
  • ITTM provides secure central data hosting and platform setup
  • ITTM offers secure data archiving (e.g. incremental backups in Tier 3/4 data centres)

For Clinicians

  • Customised workflows for patient stratification and biomarker discovery
  • ITTM offers functional annotation and pathway enrichment analyses
  • ITTM offers expert-curated comprehensive disease map development
  • ITTM provides interpretation and contextualisation support

For Study Sponsor, CIO/CTOs

  • Increased Data Security together with our partner
  • Data hosting and platform setup with multilayer access control,
  • Geo resilience Tier 3/4 data centres
  • Development of efficient solutions and databases

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