Save the Date: ITTM Talk at the 1st RSG Luxembourg Congress

Monday, 21 November 2016

On 26 November 2016 ITTM’s managing director Dr. Andreas Kremer will give a talk on the topic “Quo Vadis? Thoughts for scientists who must decide on where to go for the next project/career step…” at the 1st RSG Luxembourg Congress and the 2nd Beneluxfr student symposium. The event will take place in Maison du savoir, 4th floor, Campus Belval.

The life sciences are undergoing a dramatic evolution - a convergence between classical bioscience in the laboratory, translational health science and information science both in academia and industry. On top of this changing environment, one of the most significant decisions for scientists comes at the end of their formal education: Choosing between industry and academia - Easy for some &  Impossible for others.  This presentation will shed some light on both "worlds" and touch on some of the misunderstandings to facilitate more realistic views or expectations and therefore support better coexistence.


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